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Recipes selected pillow baby summer suit

Temperature and humidity during summer are not the ideal elements to bring the baby to sleep. The use of the air conditioner always comes with many health problems, especially with young children don't yet have good resistance. In this article, we will share with you the experience of select blankets, pillows, baby summer to get a good night's sleep in the hot summer days. You can also buy the best pillows for side sleepers at here.  

Should choose brightly colored pillowcases, cotton

pillows cotton material with relatively thick will make her feel hot and uncomfortable in his getaway. These pillows are sewn with fabric shell phase nylon, silk or polyester fibers will cause the body temperature to rise more because they have less ability to absorb moisture.

You should choose light-colored pillows and pillowcases sewn from fabric good sweat absorbent cotton in the summer to be able to sleep better.

should put pillows, infant quilt lining mat or sleep on bamboo mat bamboo mats, the mat will not retain heat as the rubber cushions. But bamboo mat with a disadvantage that everyone knows, that is bamboo with welding, cold. In hot weather, the baby is very cool bamboo mat but often cold night, the mother remembered experiencing a thin blanket, pillow headrest absorbent baby is safest when sleeping.  

No pillow handmade baby mother

Pillow children are designed in size, thickness, softness fit around your baby's head, the baby pillow with her hand that both mother and baby are sleeping uncomfortable, easy sweating all human mother, long hard cot, changing positions, she too often frostbitten arms while baby prone on his back his head, sleep posture.The use of bean husks pillows green bean shells can cool, heat effect, detoxification, combined with natural fragrances of flowers just to soothe the nerves and brings a feeling of relaxation. Bean husk pillows help baby sleep, little startled, reduce theft sweat. Reduce the risk of fever in children should be used as a pillow when will bring more work. Moreover, pillows made from the husks no smell can keep the head neck breathable children. However, parents choose to buy pillows quality, proven to avoid buying pillows unclear origin, shoddy.

The pillow for a little baby of us in the hot summer days is a big problem because sleep is extremely important for the physical development as well as her spirit. If you are a wise parent is shopping right from the newborn infant toys you choose for your child one pillow was fitting to make sure your baby's sleep is always full