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Benefits of the U-shaped pregnancy pillow

Pregnant pillow U intimate items of the elected parent, help women overcome a backache, insomnia pregnancy period is easy. Thanks to the U-shaped pillow pregnant women, mothers elected relaxation after a day of hard work, have good night’s sleep to stay healthy and to create conditions for a well-developed fetus. Here we will teach you how to choose the best pregnancy pillow for you. You can read how to buy best pillow for side sleeper at here.

Dimensions, weight

Sleeping pillows she elected U have size 145cm x 75 cm (length x width) fairly compact should not occupy much bed area. FCR 3 pillows to weight 18, could roll back neatly when transporting or when not used to put them away very easily.

Pillow sizes are designed to fit every body shape she elected and is a useful product for the mother during pregnancy. This pillow helps to reduce the feeling of cramping, backache for her vote, to give the mom sleep and deeper.

Design, material

U pillow for her vote was long, U-shaped design with the street glide fit body she elected to support the best body. Pillow design consists of three layers: the outermost Layer of soft, smooth cotton second layer is white casing and the innermost layer is the core softness, stretch cotton bulging resistance warranty.

Cotton pillow soft, good sweat absorbent; create airy and pleasant feeling when lies and pillowcases can dry easily. Core cotton is cotton imports from South Korea were bulging, Herniated, cotton óp negligent after long time use and carefully as possible should not contain bacteria, mold, chemicals.

The pillow she elected U have many colors to choose from like pink bold, pink Lotus petals, purple butterfly wings, dark purple, light purple, floral, dots hello kitty pillows, pillows, shaped it in d, mickey-shaped pillow mon. ..

Reviews U pillow

Just spent 430,000 is you buy a pillow to sleep she elected the letter U and the use of extreme comfort during pregnancy, after birth. Have U pillow, parents elected to no longer have to endure back pain, aches, cramping every time asleep and have good sleep. In particular, the letter U pillow is the gift of meaning, practical gifts for her vote, expressed concern, the husband’s feelings for his wife, which made my wife loved the incredibly touching.

Pillows mattress sleep mattress, backs do during pregnancy; mattresses backs to reduce postpartum back pain syndrome, used when breastfeeding. Besides, U can also use pillows made for the baby mattress is the mattress, located for people with back pain or do mattresses backs for husbands when sitting reading a book, watching tv is very comfortable.

How to use the

-Do the sleep mattress softness to her sleeping Pillow her elected: elected U have support whole body she elected to sleep, including the head, neck, back, belly and legs; from that help, good blood circulation, reduce back pain, body aches, cramping. My mom voted will have slumber and comfort to ensure health. Moreover, when U pillow will help you elected has left lying posture is the best posture for the fetus and create favorable conditions for childbirth.

-Make the mattress support mattress, sleeping hand when breastfeeding: She can vote using the letter U to do pillow backs mattresses when sitting or sleeping mattress to reduce postpartum back pain syndrome. Bolster for her elected U also very convenient when used as hand support mattresses when feeding or breastfeeding, help reduce maternal pain in shoulder and arm strain.

-Other uses: also U Pillow for people or suffer from back pain when sleeping, making pillows for young is playing or doing the mattress for my husband when he backs sat reading the newspaper, watching tv is very comfortable.